Meet the Team

Laetitia Orsetti
Founder of Fabulous Weddings

Laetitia Orsetti

“I have invested in letting love mould both my personal life and my business - and am humbled by the joy it has brought me. I want to help other people do the same and see where their love will take them… If there is one thing I have learned so far it is that there is no better way to starting an adventure than with love in your heart and your passport in hand.”

Laetitia Orsetti | Founder of Fabulous Weddings

Born in Texas, USA to French parents - Laetitia grew up not only seeing value in, but also actively loving to do things a little differently. While her friends from the University of Texas were studying in places like Spain and Mexico, that feisty Texan independence streak kicked up again and she found her way to somewhere different - Argentina. It’s been fifteen years and the country still manages to take her breath away. She graduated with a degree in business and finance and came back to Buenos Aires working as a brand manager for a multinational company. After years of organizing events and working with groups of truly talented and dedicated service providers, something wonderful happened...

The Argentine government passed a law extending marriage equality to everyone. That was the moment Laeti realized that her insatiable interest in business development was actually very compatible with the passion she always had for love, and the places it can take people. She took the plunge and built a business helping couples celebrate their love, their way, with full logistical, legal, and emotional support - not to mention more than a little fun and wine… lots and lots of very good wine.

Her business grew into destination wedding company that specializes in planning a wide range of experiences for couples. Anniversary celebrations, curated vacations where two people can get eloped while getting away, buddymoons where couples bring their friends along for the fun, and full scale orchestrated destination wedding ceremonies for friends and families - every experience and package is a little different but each celebrates love without any stress or hassle.