Ken Glickman
and Pai Mankong
- New York / Bangok, Thailand -

When we decided to get married (Pai’s idea) the question became where do we go to do it. Thailand was not a possibility. Though Thailand accepts as legal a same sex foreign marriage performed in another country, this country will not perform such a union itself. It was difficult. We had to find a country that performs same sex weddings, a country that allows non-residents to marry and would also permit Pai to enter without first obtaining a time consuming visitor’s visa. My list of worldwide destinations was then reduced to three, Argentina, Brazil and S. Africa. We decided upon Argentina as I had traveled there on several occasions and thought Pai (who had never been anywhere) would love the continental atmosphere of Buenos Aires.

This then led us to Fabulous Wedding and to Laetitia. Based on my working schedule, I knew I would not have the time or ability to navigate the process of having a civil wedding in Argentina. I knew from the get go that I would need a local planner, someone familiar with all the local laws and customs. I Googled gay wedding planner Argentina and was directed to the Fabulous Weddings website.

I emailed Leti and was very impressed with her quick response. She attached so much useful information in her first email to me. Enough to know that she had it going on and would be a good choice to handle our wedding arrangements. We spoke over the phone on several occasions and worked out all our details regarding scheduling, housing, photographer, venue, price and payment. She was a total joy to work with. So personable to talk to, so eager to please, so knowledgeable in her trade. In a matter of two weeks all the details were set and we were preparing for our adventure.

We met Letti at our hotel the first morning after we arrived. It was like meeting up again with a beloved family member. Such a lovely and pleasant young woman. A dear heart, someone I really value knowing. She took the reins, gave us our orders and we navigated the endless parade of details that had to be addressed prior to tying the knot. She was always there, flexible to adjust to any hick-up or misstep. Trust me, we had a beauty of one. But, the schedule was maintained and Pai and I had our lovely wedding. None of it possible without Leti and Fabulous Weddings.

I cannot sing her praises loud enough. Anyone considering an Argentine wedding should rush and contact Leti. You will not be sorry you did. She surpassed my wildest expectations and then some. One of the best experiences of my life.

Elena Timofeeva
and Sachi Komori
- St. Petersburg, Russia / Vancouver, Canada -

Visa requirements and the lack of legal recognition of same-sex marriage led the pair to the destination wedding planning company Fabulous Weddings. The Argentina based company helped the two tie the knot and the couple is officially on their way to Happily Ever After.

I met Elena coincidentally while watching a friend of mine draw two of our favorite characters from a popular Japanese TV show live through an online video stream. Elena and I Cosplay (costume play/dress up) as the two characters she was drawing and we bonded over this shared interest. After countless daily Skype calls and online chats, I decided to fly out to Russia to meet Elena. I knew the moment I walked through the airport doors and Elena jumping on me that I wanted to make it work. We tried to obtain visitor visas to both Canada and the USA, but were met with rejection on both fronts. Each of those rejections were devastating. After much talk and thought, we decided that even with this these difficult circumstances that we wanted to be together, so we decided to marry. Many countries do not allow same sex marriage and/or do not allow foreigners to marry. We also needed to find a place that Elena did not require a visitor visa or we would back where we started.

After searching online for places and Wedding Planners, we stumbled across Fabulous Weddings. I had begun researching the company to see what other people had to say about it and found many articles, interviews and incredibly overwhelming positive experiences. One person mentioned that the coordinator, Laetitia, felt like meeting "an old friend” and that couldn’t have been more accurate! From our first Skype video call to our goodbyes in Buenos Aires, Laetitia was absolutely astounding! She does not treat you like a number, or just another client, she treats you like family. She welcomed us warmly while making the entire process simple and painless. She was also very knowledgeable about every step so there was never any room for doubt. Laetitia is able to make you feel like you’re at home regardless of where you are. I couldn’t have found a better Wedding Planner. She exceeds all forms of expectations and is incredibly easy to work with and accommodating. She has many suggestions, but also really listens to your thoughts and prioritizes them. Fabulous Weddings has set the bar for customer service in wedding planning. If you have been lucky enough to find this company, then look no further.

Elaine Curtain
and David Saldanha
- Melbourne, Australia -

In Argentina, rather than Best Men and Maids of Honour they have “Padrinos” or Godparents and in Laetitia Orsetti at Fabulous Weddings we found a real life Fairy Godmother who surpassed all our wishes and organised a Wedding and Honeymoon Trip we'll never forget!

From the moment we first met her, she has taken on many roles... From travel agent to translator, concierge to true friend, Laetitia (Leti) is so much more than just a Wedding Planner. Her contacts including rental and travel companies, fashionistas and friends, as well as our awesome Spanish teacher Silvana del Val (thanks for the Rioplatense Slang) are second to none and her local knowledge and advice was invaluable but most importantly Leti is someone who loves her job and loves love! Her constant positive energy and efforts to go the extra mile would make her lovable to anyone!

We were made to feel so special throughout our trip, particularly in Buenos Aires and Argentina where the cool vibe and the passion and style of its people are infectious. Every person we met in Argentina was so welcoming and seemed genuinely happy and proud that we chose their country to marry in!

The sights and sounds of all of South America, on a once in a lifetime trip, is something which will always stay with us forever but our two Wedding days will stand out as exceeding all expectations! Both in the most sought after venues in Buenos Aires and conducted by people who exuded love and happiness… those sorts of people who leave you with a feeling of warmth and goodness when you speak to them.

The Civil wedding in an old style court house where the judge had everyone in tears with her words and the Church wedding in a church fit for a Fairy-tale with its own romantic story itself (as everything in Argentina seems to have) and reserved for celebrities conducted by the happiest most endearing priest we’ve met. Not to mention the amazing Palacio Duhau hotel and its staff.

All of this, at a fraction of the cost that we might have paid in Europe or Australia allowing us to Flash Pack through South America and have a honeymoon that many would only dream of!

A special thanks to Kenny Lemes and his wonderful photography and Say Hueque and their gargantuan efforts to help plan our monster trip. Mis Intimos Amigos also for the suit!

The Land of Tango and its people have danced their way into our hearts… Argentina, Leti, Fabulous Weddings nos encantan!!!

Josh Cook
and Aldo Benitez
- Irving, Texas -

I had never imagined a destination wedding before, but for Aldo and I it was a necessity. Aldo is from Northern Argentina, I'm from the U.S. Without marriage equality in my state, getting married in Argentina was the only option we had. After our research, we realized Buenos Aires was the most practical place to get married. But as neither of us lived there, we didn't know where to start.

When we found Laetitia Orsetti (aka "Leti"), our nervousness melted away. Her energy was infectious and her experience in both weddings and the city of Buenos Aires left us completely confident. A few months after our wedding, Aldo and I ourselves moved to Buenos Aires and now, after a year of life in this beautiful, bustling city, we appreciate even more what Leti accomplished in one week.

Every detail was covered right from the moment we arrived in Buenos Aires. I had a limited budget of both time and money, but with Leti's recommendations and organization, we ended up with bonus time to be tourists and explore the city.

During that week we made memories to last a lifetime. Now, as "porteños" ourselves, every time we're in Puerto Madero I remember the amazing photo shoot with the photographer Leti connected us with. When we pass the Registro Civil, I remember coming out of the hall holding Aldo's hand and hearing the passer-by's on the street cheering and shouting "beso, beso!!!" Aldo and I return almost weekly to the warm asado in our neighborhood, which Leti introduced us to.

When it came to the business of the wedding, Leti had pre-arranged all the official documents, appointments, and requirements, including local resident witnessess and certified translators. The only thing we had to do was be where Leti told us to be, and pack some Twix bars for the awesome employees at the registry office who guided us through the paperwork.

I had never even stepped foot in Argentina before my wedding week and in under five days, Leti did everything. We'll always remember her not just as our wedding planner, but as a big part of our wedding.

Kate McConnell and Sara Quinn
- Burlington, Vermont -

Kate and Sara

Flying to Buenos Aires to let Fabulous Weddings plan our wedding made for a uniquely wonderful and adventurous experience! When we decided to trade indecision and compromise for the guilt of disappearing on a destination wedding, we leaned on our Fabulous Wedding Planner, Laetitia Orsetti, to do all the heavy lifting.

Now that we’ve both said I do, we couldn’t be happier in feeling like we made the right decision! The memories of our wedding week are packed with adventure and travel – polo playing, tango dancing, new food, good wine and South American sunshine. Fabulous Weddings took care of everything!! We got help outfitting ourselves, booking incredible photographers and lining up activities based on our interests.

Thanks to Fabulous Weddings we had a fabulous lesbian wedding and experienced the very incredible and accepting culture of Argentina. Gay weddings in Buenos Aires feel like true celebrations of love! Laetitia Orsetti and the people of Buenos Aires gave us the party our love for each other deserves. We hope that everyone getting married in the US will eventually feel such acceptance and celebration on their big day.

Michael MacKay
and James Sheppard
- London, UK -

James and I met in an east London pub over 6 years ago. We knew it was something special from the start but neither of us would have guessed that that night in the pub would one day lead us to Buenos Aires and an unforgettable wedding. We talked about getting married, but the thought of a traditional UK wedding stressed us out. We wanted to something different. We were planning a trip to Argentina and Uruguay in Dec 2013 with friends. One evening I googled 'gay weddings Argentina' and the rest as they say is history.

We wanted a simple wedding, in a gorgeous city... Buenos Aires was perfect. We skyped with Leti and her team and within a matter of weeks it was all organised. Meeting Leti was like meeting an old friend. Funny, smart, glamorous and attentive, she made the whole experience unforgettable. We can't recommend Fab enough! The ceremony itself was simple, but moving. Even through the translator, we fully grasped it when the judge told us how proud she was of her country that same sex marriage was equal in Argentina. She simply stated, 'marriage is marriage'. We are in the process of relocating to Australia and hope that same sex marriage will be a reality there soon too. Last year we visited Leti in BA, 2 years after we got married. It was brilliant to see her. Being around her is a lesson in love and happiness. Rarely have I met someone who is so suited to her career. She is, well, in love with love.

James and I are still best friends, a team. It is lovely reflecting on our wedding as I write this. We are embarking on a new adventure, with our move to Australia, to experience life in a different part of the world. Who knows, perhaps someday in the not too distant future, Leti might be able to start up Fab Weddings Australia...sounds like a marvelous idea to me!

Omar Artunduaga and Leonardo Marty
- Chile y Colombia -

Gracias a todo el equipo de Fabulous Weddings, sin ustedes jamás sería lo mismo. No hay palabras para agradecer todo lo que hicieron por nosotros. Hoy miramos hacia atrás y cada consejo que nos dieron fue increíble. Nos ayudaron a construir todos esos detalles que hicieron la diferencia! La fiesta nunca hubiera sido lo fabulosa que fue sin ustedes.

Son totalmente increíbles y forman un equipo único!!! Hicieron que todo el proceso fuera fabuloso desde el comienzo hasta el fin y con todas esas pequeñas grandes ideas que realmente marcaron la diferencia. Ya tienen que empezar a pensar en el festejo del aniversario, ahora las expectativas son demasiadas altas, así que el desafío será aun mayor!!!!

Lorraine and Joern
- South Africa & Denmark -

Being an international couple (him from Denmark, her from South Africa and living in Switzerland) we were faced with the question of where to get married. We decided to simply elope and get married during a planned two month motorcycle trip in South America. An Internet search suggested Fabulous Weddings and after just one mail we were convinced it was the right choice.

Having time constraints, Laetitia offered us a "fast" wedding that would get everything done in 5 days. And she delivered. We met on Monday at the notary, did the medical tests on Tuesday, had the Civil Ceremony on Thursday and were done and ready to leave Saturday morning as Mr. and Mrs. Biker Couple.

And all through the process Laetitia was there for us helping with translations and other practical stuff. She also organized the coolest photographer who did a fantastic job, the two required witnesses, everything pure and simple. Did I mention she is fun and charming as well as professional? In short, we are very happy with what she did for us on both a professional and private level and highly recommend her services.

Mrs. C and Mrs. V
- Ozamis City, Philippines -

Words could not express how grateful we are for the fabulous wedding service we had with Fabulous Weddings. Ms. Leti has been very professional, friendly, very passionate and enthusiastic from the start. Buenos Aires was not our first of choice for our wedding destination. I browsed for the best wedding destination for gay couples like us and found several sites – honestly Fabulous Weddings' website really attracted me.

I contacted several wedding planners who could help us and instantly felt very at ease exchanging emails with Ms. Leti. She was very enthusiastic and she initiated Skype meetings with us discussing our plans and [ways] to meet with our expectations and of course with our budget. She showed so much passion and interest in making our wedding memorable and stress free, I mean literally stress-free because she helped us with everything even with the needed documents for us to secure a visa. Everything was meticulously organized and it only took one Skype meeting to know that I found the best wedding organizer in Buenos Aires. Everything went smoothly from day one until our last day because Ms. Leti and the whole Fab team made it all possible. My partner and I will forever cherish all the experiences we had in Buenos Aires.

Fabulous Weddings is undeniably the best wedding planner for tourists in Argentina. We fell in love with Buenos Aires and will definitely be back in the future for our anniversary!