Meet the Team

Laetitia Orsetti
Founder of Fabulous Weddings

Laetitia Orsetti

“I have invested in letting love mould both my personal life and my business - and am humbled by the joy it has brought me. I want to help other people do the same and see where their love will take them… If there is one thing I have learned so far it is that there is no better way to starting an adventure than with love in your heart and your passport in hand.”

Laetitia Orsetti | Founder of Fabulous Weddings

Born in Texas, USA to French parents - Laetitia grew up not only seeing value in, but also actively loving to do things a little differently. While her friends from the University of Texas were studying in places like Spain and Mexico, that feisty Texan independence streak kicked up again and she found her way to somewhere different - Argentina. It’s been fifteen years and the country still manages to take her breath away. She graduated with a degree in business and finance and came back to Buenos Aires working as a brand manager for a multinational company. After years of organizing events and working with groups of truly talented and dedicated service providers, something wonderful happened...

The Argentine government passed a law extending marriage equality to everyone. That was the moment Laeti realized that her insatiable interest in business development was actually very compatible with the passion she always had for love, and the places it can take people. She took the plunge and built a business helping couples celebrate their love, their way, with full logistical, legal, and emotional support - not to mention more than a little fun and wine… lots and lots of very good wine.

Her business grew into destination wedding company that specializes in planning a wide range of experiences for couples. Anniversary celebrations, curated vacations where two people can get eloped while getting away, buddymoons where couples bring their friends along for the fun, and full scale orchestrated destination wedding ceremonies for friends and families - every experience and package is a little different but each celebrates love without any stress or hassle.

Jordana Santarsiere
Wedding Planner

Jordana was born in Buenos Aires and raised in Tierra del Fuego. At the tender age of sixteen, she became a mother for the first time -- an event which brought out her formidable courage and strength. Upon completion of her studies, she obtained her first job at a provincial legislature, and in 2003 decided to move cross country to Buenos Aires with her baby to give more rhythm and color to her life.

The scope of Jordana’s degree and superior studies was extremely diverse and challenging -- she studied Government and International Relations at the Argentine University of Business (UADE). She worked in promotion, real estate, modelling, and orthodontics -- eventually even opening her own licensed Starbucks store from scratch! She developed quite a bit of patience, as well as the art of having back up plans for everything, and this has been instrumental to her success. Each experience Jordana has had has influenced her way of seeing the world, and shaped her into the marvellous woman we know and love today.

Jordana currently works in the Private Secretary of the Ministry of Production, and she knows how to enjoy the work day in a different way than most, and with a whole lot of enthusiasm. Since the first call from Fabulous Weddings inviting her to come on board, she has understood that she was going to be part of something big. All of her life experiences have helped her understand that the most important thing in life is to be able to choose and follow your dreams without letting anyone dissuade you.

Jordana Santarsiere

“What I like best about being a part of Fab is learning new things and leaving my comfort zone. It’s also such a pleasure to meet each couple, and witness when they say ‘I do.’ ♡ After all, our dreams exist so that we can fulfill them, and I love knowing that we are helping couples do just that. In many other countries this isn't even possible -- which makes our work so gratifying!”

Jordana Santarsiere | Wedding Planner

Mariano Ruiz
The Resolver

Mariano Ruiz

“Being Jimmy and Floris’s witness is something I’ll never forget. The two were a couple from Suriname that came to Buenos Aires to get married on the 30th anniversary since the start of their relationship. During the ceremony I felt something profound -- I realized that we had gone from not knowing each other at all to being part of one big family. That was incredible -- we felt so comfortable together! Each wedding is such a sacred experience.”

Mariano Ruiz | The Resolver

A passionate activist and defender of love in all of its forms, Mariano has been on the front line of the fight for equality for years. Since 2016 he has served as Secretary of International Relations for Argentina’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Federation (FALGBT). In addition to maintaining and strengthening relationships with philanthropists, international organizations, and diplomatic missions, he also oversees projects that require international collaboration, and is in charge of admitting and receiving LGBTQ+ refugees in Argentina.

Mariano’s work has turned him into quite a keen traveler -- he regularly visits countries like Austria, Thailand, and the United States to attend international conferences on human and civil rights for marginalized communities. In 2016 he was selected to participate in the Rainbow Advocacy Program, a 13 month long training and mentoring opportunity for LGBTQ+ activists sponsored by the UN.

It’s not just all about work though -- Mariano had his own fabulous love story when he and his boyfriend Jakub got engaged in Paris. Seven months after the couple had first met in Prague, they promised their devotion to each other beneath the luminous towers of the Princess’ Castle in Disneyland Paris. Many a gay couple’s dream!

Mariano has told us that what he likes best about being a part of Fabulous Weddings is the rapport created between the team and the couples, and the feeling that everyone is part of a big family. He is thrilled to be able to help each couple achieve their deeply held dreams. Thank you for your dedication Mariano!

Casper Esposito
Member of the Fab Weddings Team

Casper Esposito was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1989. Since childhood he has always demonstrated a love for the dramatic arts, and always said he would become a part of the theater scene in his country. Fast forward to 2019, and Casper is not only a director, but also a theatrical producer. He’s worked on the set of well over ten plays, not only in Argentina, but also abroad in Mexico, Peru, and Spain.

A part of the Fabulous Weddings team from the beginning, Casper worked closely with Leti. He learned and grew as a professional in the area of visual production when he made signature videos for both Fab and the first ever Latin American LGBT Fashion Show. After two years of working happily with the Fab team, Casper decided to dedicate himself to theater completely -- a difficult decision, and the cause of much doubt, although he had Leti’s full support. “You have to bring to life what you feel and what makes you happy Casper -- I know that being a part of the team makes you happy! -- but I also know that directing is your life, so go for what you want, and shoot high! You know that the doors of Fab will always be open to you in the future.” This was more than enough for Casper to find the courage to make the correct decision and follow his dreams.

Today Casper and Leti have again become professional partners, although they never stopped seeing each other in the first place as they are, first and foremost, great friends. It would seem as if time hadn’t passed at all between them -- when they look at each other, they already know how and what they have to do to organize a wedding perfectly for their clients, whether it requires a big or small celebration.

Casper Esposito

“Having already realized my dream of becoming a director, I figure, why not help other people’s dreams come true? I can help them to get married and to form a loving family of their own, which is the most beautiful feeling a human being can have.”

Casper Esposito | Member of the Fab Weddings Team

Fab Team Member


“It fills me with anguish that LGBTQ relationships are still criminalized in over 70 countries. And when I think of how few countries actually recognize marriage equality, it is a genuine cause for despair. My only consolation is that here in Argentina we’re helping people from all around the world to exercise their fundamental human rights. In the face of hate, discrimination, and institutionalized violence, I believe that is really something radical.”

Alex | Fab Team Member

By far the youngest member of the Fabulous Weddings team, Alex was born in Buffalo, New York in 1994. He came to Buenos Aires for the first time as an exchange student, fell in love with the metropolis, and moved back to city upon graduating from university. After several years of teaching English and working other odd jobs, he met Laetitia, and came on board as an editor, translator, and blogger. He is very grateful to offer his skills in the service of marriage equality, and to be able to support couples of all genders and orientations who’ve decided to tie the knot!

A proud, outspoken member of the LGBTQ+ community, activism has been important to Alex since he first came out. While living in Buffalo he worked as a youth mentor at GLYS, a local support centre for gay and lesbian teens. In Buenos Aires he’s volunteered as a translator at the Argentine LGBT Federation (FALGBT), and covered LGBTQ+ current events at The Bubble. He can never seem to miss a Pride Parade, or any other opportunity to advocate for equal rights.

"I feel so privileged to work with Leti at FAB, and to be able to witness the love between each couple that comes to Argentina. I’m thinking, in particular, of the wedding between two young Middle Eastern men -- the first wedding I ever went to. Their devotion to each other despite their fears for their lives is something that moved me very deeply. Being present at the ceremony touched my soul, and just thinking of it brings me to tears."