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Fabulous Weddings

Argentina. Em um ambiente de beleza natural, vinhos esplêndidos e encanto arquitectônico do velho mundo...promove o casamento igualitário. Assim, é um destino único para que os casais, LGBTQI e heterossexuais, possam viver um casamento aperfeiçoado para cada história pessoal e o tipo de amor.



FAB combina a experiência de planejamento de eventos com o conhecimento dos sistemas cultural e legal argentinos para assegurar que cada casamento planejado seja divertido, personalizado e fabuloso.

Fundado em 2010, Laetitia Orsetti redefiniu o que uma wedding planner poderia oferecer, ao combinar sua vasta experiência em negócios, logística e planejamento com a sua paixão inerente e contagiante por celebrar o amor e os incríveis lugares aos quais ele leva as pessoas.

Conheça a Equipe

Nossos Serviços Suas Experiências

Planejar o casamento dos seus sonhos não deve ser estressante. Deve ser divertido! As opções são infinitas – cada casamento é planejado de acordo com a visão, orçamento e história do casal.

Amor Simplesmente

Nosso pacote de casamento civil inclui a construção de itinerário personalizado, juntamente com serviços civis de concierge para facilitar as legalidades e a papelada.

O Pacote Completo

Cuida de TUDO. Coordenamos cada detalhe do seu casamento – da lista de convidados a contratos de fornecedores e equipes de filmagem. Você define a visão – nós fazemos acontecer tudo e muito mais!

Segunda Vez

Dar aos já casados uma segunda experiência de matrimônio, renovação de votos, ou celebração de aniversário que apenas um país como a Argentina pode oferecer.

Lua de Mel com Amigos

Una a felicidade de ter os seus amigos presentes em um dos dias mais importantes da sua vida. Tudo o que já oferecemos acima, só que ao lado deles!


Faça da documentação do seu casamento uma experiência própria. Nosso time de fotógrafos, maquiadores e cineastas produzem a lembrança perfeita de um dia e um amor que valem a pena ser lembrados e compartilhados.

Legalmente FAB

Para o casal que precise de ajuda apenas para cuidar dos assuntos legais e burocráticos associados ao casamento na Argentina.

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  • Leti Orsetti, the owner of Fabulous Weddings, was the miracle we needed to get married in Buenos Aires! From the moment we first contacted her for help she has gone above and beyond for us in every way. She knows everything there is to know about getting married in Buenos Aires, has loads of connections all over the city (service providers, hotels, restaurants, you name it), and possesses an infectious enthusiasm for life and love that makes every moment feel special

    From Julie Stewart and Andy Tropin (Austin, Texas)

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  • Leti has options for her fees and while we at first thought it was high we quickly realized how much she saved us with all of the vendors and will forever be grateful for her relentless work at the courthouse to be sure our paperwork was processed timely. That time she was more like a lawyer than a planner. In hindsight, we probably should have taken her all inclusive package. If you want someone who will be on top of every detail, communicate with you regularly, listen to your ideas, execute a flawless wedding day, all in an amazing country, then Leti is for you!

    From John Davis (USA) and Jesus Gutierrez (Venezuela)

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  • Fab Weddings and it’s notable network of suppliers are second to none. The entire team helped us bring our vision to reality from ideation to execution, the experience was flawless. Organizing a destination wedding for guests travelling from all around the globe was only made possible with the creativity, professionalism and strong network that Fab brings to the table. The “piece de resistance” was Leti’s ability to offer a truly authentic and customary wedding experience that reflected the uniqueness of our love story.

    From Jenn Christie and Josh Borts (Montreal, Canada)

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  • Unfortunately, I could not acquire a visa to visit Canada, and El Salvador does not recognize same-sex unions, so having explored our options, we decided to marry in Argentina. We felt overwhelmed with the task of planning a wedding in a foreign country, so Robin e-mailed Fabulous Weddings. We then received a wonderful blessing. Leti responded saying that she would take care of everything, and that is exactly what she did. On 24 August, Robin and I were married in Buenos Aires and it was truly the happiest day of our lives.

    From Brian Samayoa and Robin Williams (El Salvador & Canada)

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  • When thinking of a special, somewhat exotic and unexpected destination to get married, my partner and I settled on Buenos Aires. The issue then became, how to plan it? Fortunately we came across Laetitia and her wonderful company of creative types that made our special day beyond special! The flowers, the photos and the service were executed per our specifications, yet far surpassed "whatever" we expected?!? How lucky were we to find someone so thorough and considerate to help us realize our dream. We highly recommend Laetitia Orsetti and her team.

    From Daniel O'Brian and Marcio Marchezi (USA & Brazil)

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  • Our week started with one of the brides not being able to leave her home country, we traveled under time restraints, forgot about items that Leti told us about and even forgot our passports the day of the wedding. Leti still managed to pull everything together and we are now happily married. Words cannot thank her enough for all she did for us.

    From Debbie March and Shirley Lopez (Honduras & Canada)

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  • In Argentina, the food is fabulous, the people so generous, pleasant and kind, but most of all, Dear Ms. Leti, Benja, Damo and Margarita, you will always have a special place in our hearts and we will never forget the true kindness, grace and hospitality you showed us. We are so pleased and humbled that you helped make our long awaited marriage happen! Bless you all and Namaste!

    From Jamie Hinson and Chairat Inkanya (Bangkok, Thailand)

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  • Having time constraints, Laetitia offered us a "fast" wedding that would get everything done in 5 days. And she delivered. We met on Monday at the notary, did the medical tests on Tuesday, had the Civil Ceremony on Thursday and were done and ready to leave Saturday morning as Mr. and Mrs. Biker Couple.

    From Lorraine and Jøern (South Africa and Denmark)

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  • I had never imagined a destination wedding before, but for Aldo and I it was a necessity. Aldo is from Northern Argentina, I'm from the U.S. Without marriage equality in my state, getting married in Argentina was the only option we had. After our research, we realized Buenos Aires was the most practical place to get married. But as neither of us lived there, we didn't know where to start.

    From Josh Cook and Aldo Benitez (Irving, Texas)

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  • Having Charismatic and very personable wedding planner escort us around and handle business for us in a language we can’t speak has been a transformative experience we aren’t strangers living the experiences of a typical wedding week we’re two women who chose Argentina to get married and somehow achieved celebrity status for it. It’s such a strange phenomenon and I tribute it not only to Fabulous Weddings for putting out such magically positive vibes but also the pride of the Porteños and an acceptance and celebration of love that runs deep in the spirit of one of Buenos Aires.

    From Kate and Sara (Burlington, Vermont)

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  • We wanted a simple wedding, in a gorgeous city... Buenos Aires was perfect. We skyped with Leti and her team and within a matter of weeks it was all organised. Meeting Leti was like meeting an old friend. Funny, smart, glamorous and attentive, she made the whole experience unforgettable. We can't recommend Fab enough!

    From Michael MacKay and James Sheppard (London, UK)

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  • Gracias a todo el equipo de Fabulous Weddings, sin ustedes jamás sería lo mismo. No hay palabras para agradecer todo lo que hicieron por nosotros. Hoy miramos hacia atrás y cada consejo que nos dieron fue increíble. Nos ayudaron a construir todos esos detalles que hicieron la diferencia! La fiesta nunca hubiera sido lo fabulosa que fue sin ustedes.

    From Omar and Leonardo (Santiago, Chile)

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  • It is extremely inspiring working with people that are passionate about what they do in many professions, it’s more meaningful than in others... Laetitia loves what she does and you can tell, it's contagious. Wish I could get married too every time I work for them!

    From 4th Generation Jeweler (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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  • Es un gusto trabajar con Fab, ya que siempre está todo perfectamente organizado. También es muy interesante porque conocimos gente muy linda de otros países que vienen a casarse a Argentina, un país con unos paisajes de ensueño.

    From Proveedor de Autos Antiguos (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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  • Tuve una doble relación con Fab: La primera como proveedor, en la que me demostraron el gran trabajo que realizan y la calidad que exigen para que todo salga bien. La segunda como clientes, ya que por su profesionalismo no dude en recomendarlos para un evento muy importante y realmente me hicieron quedar muy bien. Muchas gracias.

    From Fotógrafo Artístico (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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  • Everything went smoothly from day one until our last day because Ms. Leti and the whole Fab team made it all possible. My partner and I will forever cherish all the experiences we had in Buenos Aires. Fabulous wedding is undeniably the best wedding planner for tourists in Argentina. We fell in love with Buenos Aires and will definitely be back in the future for our anniversary!

    From Mrs. C and Mrs. V (Ozamis City, Philippines)

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  • Working with Fab was more like fun than work. I felt honoured to contribute to such a special day and help the happy couple look, well, fabulous!

    From Wardobe Consultant and Personal Shopper Extraordinaire (London, UK)

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  • In Argentina, rather than Best Men and Maids of Honour they have “Padrinos” or Godparents and in Laetitia Orsetti at Fabulous Weddings we found a real life Fairy Godmother who surpassed all our wishes and organised a Wedding and Honeymoon Trip we'll never forget!!

    From Elaine Curtain and David Saldanha (Melbourne, Australia)

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  • Laetitia is able to make you feel like you’re at home regardless of where you are. I couldn’t have found a better Wedding Planner. She exceeds all forms of expectations and is incredibly easy to work with and accommodating. She has many suggestions, but also really listens to your thoughts and prioritizes them. Fabulous Weddings has set the bar for customer service in wedding planning.

    From Elena Timofeeva and Sachi Komori (St. Petersburg, Russia / Vancouver, Canada)

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  • We met Leti at our hotel the first morning after we arrived. It was like meeting up again with a beloved family member. Such a lovely and pleasant young woman. A dear heart, someone I really value knowing. She took the reins, gave us our orders and we navigated the endless parade of details that had to be addressed prior to tying the knot. She was always there, flexible to adjust to any hick-up or misstep. Trust me, we had a beauty of one. But, the schedule was maintained and Pai and I had our lovely wedding. None of it possible without Leti and Fabulous Weddings. I cannot sing her praises loud enough. Anyone considering an Argentine wedding should rush and contact Leti. You will not be sorry you did. She surpassed my wildest expectations and then some. One of the best experiences of my life.

    From Ken Glickman and Pai Mankong (New York / Bangok, Thailand)

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