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Argentina mind-blowing wine pairs with old world beauty and a stance on marriage equality that allows couples gay straight and everything in between the chance to have the destination wedding tailored to your personal love story.



FAB brings together event planning experience with expertise in the Argentine culture and legal system to make sure every wedding they plan is fun, customized, and fabulous.

Founded in 2010 by Laetitia Orsetti driven to combine her background in logistics and planning with her passion for celebrating love and the incredible places it brings people.

Our Services Your Experiences

Planning your dream wedding shouldn’t be stressful. It should be fun! The options are endless - each wedding is planned around our couples’ vision, budget, and story.

Love Done Simply

Our civil wedding package includes personalized itinerary building along with concierge civil services making the legalities and paperwork a passing thought.

The Total Package

Takes care EVERYTHING. We coordinate every last detail of your destination wedding - from guest lists to vendor contracts and film crews. You set the vision - we make it happen (and then some).

Second Time Around

Giving our ReNewly weds the 2nd wedding experience, vow renewal, or anniversary celebration only a country like Argentina can deliver.


All of the above but much more fun and easy and cheaper than planning a wedding and honeymoon back home. Discover Argentina and celebrate your love by sharing it with your most special entourage, pure bliss without the hassle!

Getting it on film

Makes documenting your wedding an experience all its own. Our team of photographers, makeup artists, and filmmakers deliver the perfect reminder of a day and a love that is worth remembering and sharing.

Legally Fab

For the couple that just needs help squaring away the legalities and red tape associated with getting hitched in Argentina.

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Whether your journey takes you to the sophisticated cityscapes of Buenos Aires, getting love drunk in the vineyards of Mendoza, or standing in awe at the sight of prehistoric glaciers in Patagonia - Argentina can be the place where it all begins.




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